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Pivoting An Established Wellness Coach

An established health & wellness coach wanted to pivot her business to focus less on individual clients and more on workplace wellness clients so she could help more people while making her work life less chaotic.

We started by redefining her Ideal Customer Avatar. What’s interesting about this project is that while her established base was B2C, and her desired pivot target was B2B, the discovery process and decision making points were more closely tied to B2C than a traditional B2B sale. Bottom line, we had to take a hybrid approach to the strategy.

We started with a laser-focused data-driven ICA for HR Managers in high-growth technology startups, found some data magic sitting in her existing client base and supplemented with our own research.

The resulting ICA gave this coach a very clear understanding of who she was talking to with this new business, where they lived online, what they valued and helped her to hit the ground with confidence and early wins.

This fed our work on product & offering development, messaging, marketing campaigns, sales outreach prioritization and client retention  programs. All in all, the wellness coach was able to pivot her business in smart and efficient way.




Messaging Ladder

A small set of words – terms, phrases, or statements – arranged hierarchically to convey your communication goals. It helps you to deliver consistent messages in all types of content.

Intelligent Customer Avatar

Most similar to a customer persona, Intelligent Customer Avatars are data-backed profiles of target customers that can be used to create, refine, and market products & services.

What Can 31 Pixels Do For You?


Understand who your customers are & what they want


Get customers in the door, whether real-world or digital


Turn traffic into sales with your very own conversion machine


Build brand love & customer relationships to last a lifetime

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