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Hyper-Local Small Business Needed A Growth Booster

A dance studio offering kids’ tap & ballet classes wanted to expand their enrollments and build out a formal marketing plan, but they were struggling to get there. Organic growth had stalled and it was time to formalize their marketing efforts.

Following marketing advice from multiple sources, the studio attempted to start by creating a customer persona. After many attempts that resulted in generic “moms with kids” type of tether points, they knew they needed more help.

With a hyper-local focus, we crafted a data-driven Intelligent Customer Avatar that focused on key zip codes within reasonable driving distance of the studio. The ICA work revealed some amazing insights including this audience’s propensity to pay for things in person because they craved community connection.

From the ICA, we mapped out the customer journey and identified touch points that would help convert traffic into customers and launched a hyper-targeted online ad campaign that resulted in a 25% increase in enrollments.



Enrollment Increase

Customer Journey Map

A study of how customers interact with the brand and competitor brands before making a purchase

Intelligent Customer Avatar

Most similar to a customer persona, Intelligent Customer Avatars are data-backed profiles of target customers that can be used to create, refine, and market products & services.

What Can 31 Pixels Do For You?


Understand who your customers are & what they want


Get customers in the door, whether real-world or digital


Turn traffic into sales with your very own conversion machine


Build brand love & customer relationships to last a lifetime

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Creating your ideal customer avatar is hard work, and more often than not it’s the thing standing between you and the business of your dreams. We regularly set aside time on our calendar to offer up our brains for free. We’re full of love, smarts, kindness and humor, so worst-case you make some new friends and best-case you get some much needed answers.

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