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A national shoe retailer with 125 stores and a long history of success was starting struggle with their retail sales. They’d done the normal persona work, knew who their customers were, built up a big customer database, and poured tons of money into commercials, advertisements and promotions with mediocre results.

The first step is always to start with discovery. Two major things we uncovered were localization and offer mismatch.

While this client is a national brand, physical shopping is highly local – you’re not driving 6 hours to another state for shoes on a typical shopping trip! The national approach to marketing wasn’t taking advantage of the localization that can be done with digital campaigns.

We also took each of the physical stores and analyzed both customer data and population data in a driving radius of each store. Patterns became very clear that in the underperforming stores, the surrounding population had changed over the last few years such that they were not ideal customers – resulting in an offer mismatch.

Lastly, we culled their customer data to create a set of their best customers – those who spend more and more often – and we added hyper-local lenses to that data to create stunning ICAs to remedy the sales declines. Next, we looked deep into the local markets around underperforming stores and created ICAs for each which went on to fuel fresh product assortments and killer marketing campaigns.



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