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I’ve Done ALL the Marketing Coaching, But “I Just Can’t Do the Marketing Stuff”

This is the story of one client, but we’ve worked with many, many more facing the same challenge. She read all the articles, attended no less than 4 webinars, downloaded all the worksheets and ebooks she could find, and did not 1 business coaching program but 3 (we’re talking big name, big price tag programs)!

Everyone said she needed to start with a customer persona to be successful, but every time she tried to tackle the job, she was paralyzed. It felt limp and un-actionable, and using made up ideas felt risky, uninspiring and downright irresponsible. 

We jumped in, working with this girl boss to build out a rich, data driven Ideal Customer Avatar that she is using to develop products & services, marketing campaigns, branding & messaging efforts and sales funnels that feel “just right”!

After 2 years of struggle and pause, this client says she feels like a superhero, conquering a go-to-market plan in less than 60 days.



Sales Funnel

The buying process that you lead customers through when purchasing your products & services and how you find, qualify, and sell to buyers.

Intelligent Customer Avatar

Most similar to a customer persona, Intelligent Customer Avatars are data-backed profiles of target customers that can be used to create, refine, and market products & services.

What Can 31 Pixels Do For You?


Understand who your customers are & what they want


Get customers in the door, whether real-world or digital


Turn traffic into sales with your very own conversion machine


Build brand love & customer relationships to last a lifetime

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Creating your ideal customer avatar is hard work, and more often than not it’s the thing standing between you and the business of your dreams. We regularly set aside time on our calendar to offer up our brains for free. We’re full of love, smarts, kindness and humor, so worst-case you make some new friends and best-case you get some much needed answers.

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