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Beauty Startup Finds Power & Priorities

A beauty brand startup wanted to target Millennials, but knew that simply saying “we target Millennials” wasn’t going to help them hit their aggressive sales targets.

We developed 8 core Ideal Customer Avatars based on key DMAs that helped inform product development, customer service channels, marketing programs and budget allocations for their precious startup dollars.

Because our ICAs included demographic data as well as psychographic and behavioral data, the brand was able to expand their customer base beyond Millennials by leaning into psychographic and behavioral markers across other age groups.

Not only was the startup able to reach their aggressive sales goals, they secured more than 300 pieces of press coverage because of the  tight coupling of offer and audience and had conversion rates 3x the industry average.



3x Industry Average Conversion Rate

Psychographic Data

A look at the preferences, values, attitudes, interests and personality traits that influence how an individual views the world and what motivates them to action

Intelligent Customer Avatar

Most similar to a customer persona, Intelligent Customer Avatars are data-backed profiles of target customers that can be used to create, refine, and market products & services.

What Can 31 Pixels Do For You?


Understand who your customers are & what they want


Get customers in the door, whether real-world or digital


Turn traffic into sales with your very own conversion machine


Build brand love & customer relationships to last a lifetime

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Creating your ideal customer avatar is hard work, and more often than not it’s the thing standing between you and the business of your dreams. We regularly set aside time on our calendar to offer up our brains for free. We’re full of love, smarts, kindness and humor, so worst-case you make some new friends and best-case you get some much needed answers.

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