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INSIGHTS  //  Featured Zip Code Highlights

Zipcode Insights: Hibbing, MN 55746

Behavioral Insight: Residents of 55746 like to pay bills in person. Why? 1.Social connection to local biz, 2.General wariness of financial future 3.Managing cash flow with smaller incomes. Look at your customer experience: how can you add more love, connection and fun to in-person bill pay? Median...

Zipcode Insights: St. Louis Park, MN 55416

Behavioral Insight: Residents of 55416 are well educated and freely spend their budgets on tech, environmentally friendly products and healthy food but they like to be well informed before spending, doing liberal research before pulling the trigger. Why? 1.To get the best quality items 2.They...

Zipcode Insights: Arlington, TX 76012

Behavioral Insight: If you're targeting residents of 76012, you are in for a challenge where affluents, empty nesters and young culturally diverse converge. If you try to blanket approach this zip code, you're going to have a tough go because the incomes, drivers and desires of these groups have...

Zipcode Insights: Waco, TX 76624

Behavioral Insight: Residents in 76624 are passionate about American made goods, seeking them out first among other choices. Why? 1. They’ve spent their careers in local manufacturing and related industries, so they feel it’s important to support the local economy. 2. Pride in the quality of...

Zipcode Insights: Arlington, TX 76016

Behavioral Insight: Residents of 76016 drive – A LOT. With a higher average commute time than the rest of the state, these residents are always looking for a more convenient way to get things done and their mobile phones are the weapon of choice. Why?  They want to maximize time with...

FIELD NOTES  //  Featured Articles From The 31 Pixels Crew 

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