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Build the right Ideal Customer Avatar for your business

You’ve heard the advice over and over again – the key to boosting your business, connecting with customers and driving revenue is nailing your Ideal Customer Avatar. So you hit Google, find 35 different downloadable worksheets, 5 podcast episodes, 14 PowerPoint presentations and you digest it all. Jazzed to reap the rewards, you dive in and it looks something like this: 

You carve out an afternoon, brew up some fresh coffee and sit down to knock it out. You spend hours cherry picking some of the questions on the worksheets and avoiding the ones you have no clue how to answer. Sheer determination keeps you from quitting  when you get to the  “write a personal journal entry as the customer” task.

What emerges feels limp and fake, so you set it aside to tackle another day.

You declare Saturday THE day you’ll kick the ICA’s butt. You settle in with more coffee. You answer the silly questions like “If your customer was an animal, what animal would they be?” and “What’s your customer’s greatest fear?”. You answer basic questions like age, sex and occupation. You find a headshot to represent your customer. You give her a silly name like Bargain Hunter Betty. You guess at the kinds of magazines, TV shows and websites they consume.

What emerges still feels limp and fake with a healthy dose of who cares. 

You’re heartsick. No amount of coffee can lift the failure-fog and you have no idea what to do next.

Back to Google trolling for answers.

Does that story feel all too familiar?

Truth bomb: It’s not you – it’s them.

Those well-meaning worksheets, checklists and presentations filled with dated thinking aren’t going to get you where you need to go at the speed you need to get there. The reason they feel hard, irrelevant, and sometimes ridiculous is that they are! 

They focus on the ideal, not the intelligent.

The right Ideal Customer Avatar is backed by intelligence, not random worksheet guesswork. Its power and utility will pay dividends for years to come: informing and transforming your products, ad campaigns, customer experience,  customer traffic, sales conversions – your entire business.

We’re going to say something here that will probably make some folks mad, but it needs to be said. All of the current expert advice on making ideal customer avatars and customer personas is outdated. There is a better, faster, smarter way to do them and we have it.



31 PIXELS creates customized ideal customer profiles backed by powerful insights including demographic, psychographic, geographic and behavioral data. You won’t find generic worksheets here. Instead, you will find a magical team of marketing technologists who provide deeply insightful and actionable ICAs specific to your business. 

Ideal Customer Avatars In Action: Driving Results


CASE STUDY  ///  Launching A Fashion Brand
Result: 90% Close Rate

An international sports star wanted to launch a fashion brand but didn’t know how to get started identifying his Ideal Customer Avatar. The ICA was going to feed into two important threads: getting the right retailers on board and building out his own e-commerce channels. Starting with his massive following on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we mined hundreds of data points to craft a powerhouse of ICA’s across geographies. These ICA’s helped him secure high profile retail distribution in 12 countries (90% of the retailers he pitched said yes because of the powerful ICA) and drop a wildly successful direct-to-consumer campaign.

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Creating your ideal customer avatar is hard work, and more often than not it’s the thing standing between you and the business of your dreams. We regularly set aside time on our calendar to offer up our brains for free. We’re full of love, smarts, kindness and humor, so worst-case you make some new friends and best-case you get some much needed answers.

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