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Ideal Customer Avatars In Action: Driving Results


CASE STUDY  ///  Launching A Fashion Brand
Result: 90% Close Rate

An international sports star wanted to launch a fashion brand but didn’t know how to get started identifying his Ideal Customer Avatar. The ICA was going to feed into two important threads: getting the right retailers on board and building out his own e-commerce channels. Starting with his massive following on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we mined hundreds of data points to craft a powerhouse of ICA’s across geographies. These ICA’s helped him secure high profile retail distribution in 12 countries (90% of the retailers he pitched said yes because of the powerful ICA) and drop a wildly successful direct-to-consumer campaign.

CASE STUDY  /// Hyper-Local Small Business Growth
Result: 25% Increase In Enrollments

A dance studio offering kids’ tap & ballet classes wanted to expand their enrollments and build out a formal marketing plan, but they were struggling to create an ideal customer avatar. After many attempts that resulted in generic “moms with kids” type of tether points, they knew they needed more help. With a hyper-local focus, we crafted a data-driven ICA that focused on key zip codes that were within driving distance of the studio. This hyper-focused ICA helped the studio to launch very targeted ad campaigns that resulted in a 25% increase in enrollments.

CASE STUDY  ///  Beauty Startup Finds Power & Priorities
Result: 200% Increase In Cart Size

A beauty brand startup wanted to target Millennials as their ICA, but knew that simply saying “we target Millennials” wasn’t going to help them hit their aggressive sales targets. We developed 8 core Ideal Customer Avatars based on key DMAs that helped inform product development, customer service channels, marketing programs and budget allocations for their precious startup dollars. Because our ICAs included not only demographic data, but also psychographic and behavioral data, the brand was able to expand their customer base beyond Millennials by leaning into psychographic and behavioral markers.

CASE STUDY  ///  Pivoting An Established Wellness Coach
Result: Created new products to serve customers better

An established health & wellness coach wanted to pivot her business to focus less on individual clients and more on workplace wellness clients, which meant redefining her Ideal Customer Avatar. We laser-focused a data-driven ICA for HR Managers in high-growth technology startups as a first step in her pivot plans, starting with data magic sitting in her existing client base and supplementing with our own ICA ninja magic. The resulting ICA gave this coach a very clear understanding of who she was talking to with this new business, where they lived online, what they valued and helped her to hit the ground with confidence and early wins.

CASE STUDY  ///  Finding More of “Our Best Customers”
Result: 20% More Foot Traffic + 26% More Sales From Existing Customers

A national shoe retailer with 125 stores and a long history of success was starting struggle with their retail sales. They’d done the normal ICA work, knew who their customers were and poured tons of money into commercials, advertisements and promotions with mediocre results. While they are a national brand, physical shopping is highly local – you’re not driving 6 hours to another state for shoes on a typical shopping trip! We helped this heritage brand refocus their Ideal Customer Avatar in two ways. First, we culled their customer data to create a set of their best customers – those who spend more and more often – and we added hyper-local lenses to that data to create stunning ICAs to remedy the sales declines. Next, we looked deep into the local markets around underperforming stores and created ICAs for each which went on to fuel fresh marketing campaigns.

CASE STUDY  ///  I’ve Done the Coaching, But “I Can’t Do the ICA”
Result: Able to Launch after 2 years of struggle

This is the story of one client, but we’ve worked with many, many more facing the same challenge. She read all the articles, attended no less than 4 webinars, downloaded all the worksheets and ebooks she could find, and did not 1 business coaching program but 3 (we’re talking big name, big price tag programs)! Everyone said she needed to create an ICA to be successful, but every time she tried to tackle the job, she was paralyzed. She had a really good idea of where she wanted to go, but needed help getting there. We jumped in, working with this girl boss to build out a rich, data driven Ideal Customer Avatar that she is using to develop products & services, marketing campaigns, branding & messaging efforts and sales funnels that feel “just right”! After years of struggle and pause, this client says she feels like a superhero.

CASE STUDY  ///  Taking A Local Event National: Where To Start
Result: Sold Out Events in 5 Cities

After two successful local events, our client wanted to explore taking her event to other US cities, but wasn’t sure where to start because she could literally go anywhere. Choose the right destinations and you’re golden. Choose the wrong ones and you’re facing financial disaster because events are expensive to host and produce. Using data from past attendees, we tapped into supplemental data to find similar audiences across the US, identifying cities with the best reach and most affordable venues. We expanded the ICAs by layering in psychographic and behavioral data that fed into promotional campaigns for the events. This led to less guesswork on the client’s part and infinitely better results with 5 sold out events. 

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